Youth & Children

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We currently have three children and youth groups.  


They have meetings on Sunday evenings twice each month. Also, they have events throughout the year such as: lock-ins, mission trips, ski trips, retreats, and they engage in regular church events and worship. The Youth Group age Range is 7th grade through 12th grade.

DOGS Group (Disciples of Gods Spirit)

They meet with the youth leader on Sunday evenings twice a month. They also participate in several events throughout the year and engage in regular church worship. The DOGS Group age range is 4th through 6th grade.

FOJ (Friends of Jesus)

They meet with the youth leader on Sunday evenings twice a month. In addition to this, the FOJ also have Children's Church during Sunday morning worship twice each month.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important component of our learning at Deep Creek Friends. Our Sunday School’s teach about the Bible as well as its relation our lives in the modern day. Many Sunday School’s are taught in small group settings and are more than just the teacher speaking to the class. The small-group setting in addition to topical studies, facilitate discussion amongst class members.

Preschool Class (3-5)

For this fun, energetic age, Bible lessons are prepared and taught on their level, allowing class attenders to get the most from their Sunday School experience. Crafts and activities are used to reinforce topics taught through the class.

Middler Class (6-8)

In this class, biblical lessons are taught through the use of books, crafts, and simple activities. This class is also cool because class attenders get experience in reading the Bible aloud with the help of their teachers, and they learn to navigate through the many books of the Bible.

DOGS Class (9-12)

This class focuses on more complex Bible stories suited to the ages in the class. The class is led by a teacher and usually has a curriculum that comes with interactive packets (that reinforce the Bible story) for all of the class attenders to do throughout the class and at home.

Youth Class (13-18)

This class focuses on a wide variety of Bible stories and continues to build and develop skills needed to navigate through the Bible and minister to others. The curriculum used facilitates discussion between the youth in the class. This class focuses on a wide variety of Bible stories.

Young Adult Class (18-30)

The young adult class consists of college aged students as well as young adults out of college. The class is taught in the style of a small group encouraging a lot discussion and interaction. Typically, Bible lessons come through the use of many study series. The class also employs the use of video and film as a reinforcement to lessons. This class also meets outside of Sunday School hours for occasional meals and outings together in addition to a variety of service projects.

Whittier Class (Adults)

This is a class that focuses on complex Bible stories and encourages and facilitates meaningful discussion about the Bible and its relevance to our modern world today.

Generations Class (Intergenerational)

This class focuses on teaching Bible lessons by means of film and short videos. The big feature of this class is the wide age variety, which encourages discussion and allows everyone to see perspectives outside of their own generation.

Barclay-Steelman Class (Seniors)

This class teaches Bible stories by the means of a monthly Sunday School curriculum. Discussion is a key feature of this class as well.

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